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Flite Women's F-Lite Megalight 200 Longtight-Black, Small

Flite Women's F-Lite Megalight 200 Longtight-Black, Small

Regular price €38,00

  • Lightweight longtight with comfortable fit (200g/m²)
  • Tailored to fit female body
  • 88% Polyamide, 12% Polyester
  • Long Tight
  • Loose
  • F-Lite_14-1253-7-1-0002
  • Built-in air conditioning zones
  • Seamless
  • Optimal thermoregulation

  • Lightweight Base Layers

    Our functional underwear stands for light-weight, optimum comfort and excellent value for money. It‘s 100% seamless and together with the F-liteTEX knitting technology, the collection includes smart, innovative details.

    The three key principles of the lightest underwear for every temperature

    F-liteTEX stands for a symbiosis of innovative thread / fibre combinations coupled with seamless manufacture and smart design components. The result of these principles is reflected in every article of the collection and creates a selling proposition. F-Lite Base Layers feature a diverse range for all occasions such as the Merino TEC 240 which will help to keep you warm on the coldest winter's day or the MegaLight 140 to cool you down on the hottest days of summer no matter what activities you enjoy - the chart on the right will help you to choose the ideal one for you.

    Megalight 200 All Season Base Layer - The Base Layer for Mid and Cold Temperatures

    The light Megalight 200 includes all the advantages of the Megalight 140 product line. However, the slightly altered material composition and the tighter knitting makes the Megalight 200 a highly effective underwear for medium to cold temperatures. During high activity sweat is directly absorbed away from the body and can evaporate quickly on the large surface area of the polyamide fibre. For optimum temperature regulation (37°C) and maximum freedom of movement.

    • The material: polyamide, polyester
    • The features: F-keepsfresh; sweat absorbing
    • The design: F-liteTEX, two-layer-seamless construction; distinctive design of functional areas
    • The material weight: <200g/m²
    • The product weight (longsleeve): ~170g
    • Additional Benefits: No elastane = no accumulation of water = no shivering; comfortable loose-fit clothing; lightweight comfort; highly effective absorption of sweat



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