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POLO Backpack Nomad Khaki 35lt (2023)

POLO Backpack Nomad Khaki 35lt (2023)

Regular price €99,00

From POLO's newly upgraded range of backpacks, the NOMAD 35 is ideal for all our hiking and climbing excursions. It has a multitude of pockets that give us the opportunity for an excellent classification of our equipment and an excellently designed anatomical back, which will not trouble us throughout our activities. Specifications:

Ergonomic back with ventilation channels

Extremely light and durable ripstop fabric

Chest strap with whistle

Internal and external pocket on the lid of the backpack

2 large front pockets

2 side pockets with net for carrying a bag

Zip pockets on the waist straps for small items

Possibility of direct access to the interior of the backpack with a zipper at the bottom

Waterproof cover

Ability to adjust hydration bladder

Pole/axe adapter mounts on both sides

Side tightening straps

Capacity: 35 lt

Weight: 1.25 kg

Dimensions: 32x18x65cm



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